Roan van Westerop

Hi, i am Roan

Hey, i am Roan van Westerop. I am an 18 year old Network & Media Management student with a passion for IT.
This website serves as a portefolio aswell as a collection of my previous work.


I have a good deal of experience with Linux, alot of that experience is with Ubuntu. I host my website, game servers and VPN on Ubuntu in the cloud.

Game Servers

In my spare time i host game servers for me and my friends. The types of servers change alot. From Java Minecraft Servers to Public Battlefield servers.

Windows (server)

Besides Linux i also have a great deal of experience with Windows. I have experience with Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, DFS, MSSQL and IIS. I also know alot about Windows software.

Network- Media management

I am currently studying "Network and Media management" at Grafisch Lyceum in Rotterdam.

Basic HTMl/CSS/JS Experience

I have a basic amount of experience in web languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
for example, i made this website. Check some more of my projects here

+ Alot more

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